Matthew McGee

Expert in Legal & Financial Translation & Website Localization

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About Me

I am a freelance Portuguese and Spanish to English translator with over six years of experience and an M.S. in Translation from New York University, where I focused on Legal and Financial Translation as well as Software and Website localization. I also have B.A. from the University of Maine in International Affairs with a focus in Spanish and Portuguese, more than six years of immersion in the Spanish language from living in Colombia. I am also a member of the American Translators Association as well as the Association of Maine Interpreters and Translators.

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Beyond Bilingualism

While bilingualism is undoubtedly an essential part of being a translator, bilingualism itself is not enough. An ability to speak two languages does not guarantee that a translator fully understands complex technical texts and can render them accurately another language. For example, financial and legal language or the differences between common law and civil law systems are not common knowledge in one’s first language, and certainly not in one’s second language. This is why professional training is an absolute necessity in the field of translation. With my extensive linguistic immersion, B.A. in languages, M.S. in translation, and four years of experience as both an in-house and freelance translator, I can guarantee smooth and accurate legal and financial translations.

Honesty and Quality Work

I specialize in legal and financial translation as well as website localization. I only translate into English (my mother tongue) and only take on projects which fall under my field of expertise, meaning you as the client can rest assured that your translated document will be well written and accurate.

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Specialized Areas

Below is a list of some of the documents that I specialize in translating.


contracts, judgments, complaints, wills and testaments, divorce documents, journalistic articles, immigration documents, academic and official documents, birth/death/marriage certificates


account verification letters, purchase orders, personal banking documents, requests for proposal, insurance documents, surety bonds, letters of credit, business valuation reports, annual reports, prospectuses, financial statements, articles of incorporation, stock certificates, bylaws, and journalistic articles


I localize websites using MemoQ, and I am fluent in HTML and familiar with Java.

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Matthew McGee has been an excellent Spanish/English translator and interpreter for Polsermin & Cia Ltda, a company which represents American, European, and Asian companies, particularly in Colombian tenders, in which interpretation and the translation of official documents that endorse the products and services of our representatives must be carried out. The quality and faithfulness of Mr. McGee’s translations has been recognized by our representatives as well as the Colombian Officials to whom they were addressed. He has also distinguished himself as a very personable and professional worker in his field, and I highly recommend him.

Sigifredo Preciado Barrera
Gerente General
Polsermin & Cia Ltda

Matthew delivered thorough and accurate translations for both written documents and live conversations via Skype. He was willing to work whenever needed, nights and weekends. I highly recommend him.

Bill Flynn
International Sales Manager
Biomarine Ntron. Inc

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Contact Me

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